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Pathway Tools Workshop
Emphasis on Microbiome Metabolic Modeling

Feb 12-14th, 2018

This workshop will explore multiple topics related to SRI's Pathway Tools software, with an emphasis on metabolic modeling of the human microbiome.

There has been increasing interest recently in studying and engineering microbial communities for various applications, from biotechnology to health care. However, understanding the complexities of interspecies interactions remains a great challenge. In an effort to expedite advances in this area, SRI is starting a community initiative in modeling the human microbiome. One goal of this workshop is to create a community of researchers who will develop high quality, standardized microbial metabolic models as well as metabolic modeling tools to execute and analyze these models. How can we ensure that models developed by different researchers will plug-and-play with one another? This three-day workshop will bring together researchers to define current gaps and explore potential solutions to challenges in microbial community modeling and other areas in bioinformatics.

The workshop will also present new developments and applications of Pathway Tools.

Conference topics include but are not limited to:

We solicit submissions for oral presentations and posters. Please submit a proposed title and abstract to
by Jan 15th, 2018.

Registration and Travel Information

The SRI workshop will be held Feb 12-14th, 2018 at SRI International in Menlo Park, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area, with proximity to redwood forests, the Napa Valley wine country, Lake Tahoe, and Northern California beaches.

Conference Organizers

Peter Karp, SRI International ()
Wai Kit Ong, SRI International ()

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