PTools '17
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Please note that schedule is subject to change. Check back for updates.

Feb 12th - Tentative talks

9:20Peter KarpSRI[PPT] Welcome to the Conference
9:30Tomer AltmanAltman Analytics LLCModeling and data mining of the human microbiome using BioCyc
10:00Suzanne PaleySRI[PPT] The Omics Dashboard
10:30Coffee Break
11:00Jaeyun SungMayo Clinic[PPT] Global metabolic interaction network of the human gut microbiota for context-specific community-scale analysis
11:30Peter KarpSRI[PPT] A community effort to model the human microbiome
12:00Madeline TongMcMaster UniversityIdentifying gene essentiality patterns in different carbon environments
12:30Lunch Break
2:00Nathalie SchollerSRI[PPT] Unexpected links between gut microbiome and cancer progression and therapy
2:30Andrew HryckowianStanford UniversityMicrobiota accessible carbohydrates facilitate clearance of Clostridium difficile
3:00Gregory HarhayUSDA[Prezi] Using Pathway Tools to solve problems in livestock agriculture
3:30Coffee Break
4:00Peter MidfordSRI[PPT] Working with data from the Metabolomics Workbench
4:20Group Discussion
5:30End of 1st Day

Feb 13th - Tentative talks

9:30Jeremy ZuckerPNNL[PPT] A statistical thermodynamic approach for modeling metabolism
10:00Mario LatendresseSRIModeling microbial community with Metaflux
10:30Coffee Break
11:00Dario Fernandez Do PortoUniversity of Buenos Aires[PDF] Target-Pathogen: a structural bioinformatic approach to prioritize drug targets in pathogens
11:30Bridget BannermanUniversity of CambridgeComparative pathway analyses of Mycobacterium species provide insight into the design and characterisation of new drug targets
12:00Suzanne PaleySRI[PPT] Pathway Collages
12:30Lunch Break
2:00Hao WangChalmers University of Technology[PDF] The RAVEN Toolbox 2.0: a versatile platform for metabolic network reconstruction and a case study on Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2)
2:30Mario LatendresseSRIThe gap filling accuracy of FBA Development Mode in MetaFlux
3:00Markus KrummenackerSRI[PPT] Cross-organism RouteSearch
3:30Coffee Break
4:00Group Discussion
5:00Peter MidfordSRI[PPT] BioCyc Consulting Services
5:30End of 2nd Day

Feb 14th - Tentative talks

9:30Todd DeSantisSecond GenomePiphillin web tool: Prediction of BioCyc reaction capacity dynamics by inference from 16S rRNA frequency dynamics in human microbiomes
10:00Eric FranzosaHarvard University[PPT] Functionally profiling metagenomes and metatranscriptomes at species-level resolution
10:30Coffee Break
11:00Trent NorthenJGI[PPT] Metabolomic investigations of microbial interactions and functional annotations
11:30Joonhoon KimJBEIMulti-omics analysis of Rhodosporidium toruloides producing biofuels from depolymerized polysaccharides and lignin
12:00Alex BisharaStanford University[PPT] De novo assembly of microbial genomes from human gut metagenomes using barcoded short read sequences
12:30Lunch Break
2:00Bongkeun SongCollege of William and MaryIdentification and metabolic interference of the eastern oyster core microbiome
2:20Sean LimUniversity of Southern California[GDocs] Quantitative variation in flagella-mediated collective migration among enteric bacteria
2:40Richard BillingtonSRI[PPT] Webgraphics
2:55Suzanne PaleySRI[PPT] New search tools for DNA sites, organism properties
3:15Suzanne PaleySRI[PPT] Update Notifications
3:30Coffee Break
4:00Ron CaspiSRI[PPT] The EC system
4:30Wai Kit OngSRI[PPT] Maintaining the EcoCyc Model
4:50Group Discussion
5:20Peter KarpSRIClosing Remarks
5:30End of Conference

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